For the stylish home designer, Metal mosaic tiles is among the most popular materials in the marketplace today. Metal can bring a sleek look to any kitchen, backsplash or other interior. Metal mosaic tiles is versatile and strong material, and it can easily be tinted with all sorts of hues, and as bright or muted as you would wish. Metal also offers a texture that is not duplicated by any other material: brushwork. This lining gives Metal mosaic tile an ability to meld intersecting lines that other materials lack. This self adhesive mosaic tile sets an elegant tone in your kitchen or bathroom. The cool hues offer a tranquil vibe, allowing you and guests to feel perfectly at ease in your home.


Our premium Bellagente peel & stick wood mosaic will add a touch of class and comfort to your home. The wooden mosaic tiles are inspired by nature and help you create a modern and beautiful space in your home. Decorate your dream space yourself with this product.



1. Clean your wall with damp cloth. Please be sure that your wall is flat.
2. The designated area is determined by drawing on the wall.
3. Remove the product from the box, part of the band on the back is opened from the top. Avoid contact with the adhesive surface and provide protection from dust and dirty.
4. Product is pasted to designated area from first top part. The band is pulled downwards.
5. This application is repeated for all surface.
6. Can be used metal scissors for the cutting and drilling or if available can be used circle saw.
7. There is no need to make a joint gap.


• The backside is 3M self adhesive band.
• It is not used in wet areas.
• It is not used in areas where fire can directly exposed.
• The product can only be used for interior decoration.
• The area to be use must be a smooth surface. It should be cleaned from dust, dirt and debris.
• Flooring is not recommended.
• It is not use on scratch coat.
• It is not use on rough surface.
•The used product is not used for the second time.
•  Not cleaned with acid chemical cleaners.
• Application to moist and damp walls is not recommended

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