Flexi Clay Panel


  • Completely green product.
  • Recycling material.
  • 100% resistance to fire, unfired.
  • Breathable and healthy.


Flexi-Clay product that produced by the development of clay which a part of handicrafts in all known periods. It takes its color and structure from completely natural soils. It is thin, light, durable and flexible product. This natural Flexi-Clay product which makes your wall breathable is an unique product that has been developed to create an extremely healthy living space. The highlights of the Flexi-Clay product is self-cleaning natural product, stain resistant, and extremely durable. Flexi-Clay which has A1 class fire certificate can allow you to create natural and aesthetic areas for your interior, exterior and floor.



  • Flexible and Light
  • Durable and unbreakable
  • %100 unfired
  • stain-resistant
  • Odorless, moisture resistant.
  • Eco-friendly

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